Mateo Prifti

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President of U.S. Embassy Youth Council

The U.S. Embassy Youth Council brings together a cross-section of young and dynamic Albanians.

It aims to strengthen the sense of active citizenship among the youth of Albania through leadership, outreach and civic engagement activities.

The Youth Council wants to empower the Albanian youth by connecting and inspiring change, raise awareness on different youth issues, address their concerns, discuss and find possible platforms to implement solutions.


Locally Globally

Nonprofit organisation, seen as a multi-stakeholder structure focused on global issues but predominantly operating at local levels in an international domain as an implementer, catalyst and partner.


n2 Academy

n2 Academy is an initiative that aims to motivate people into pursuing STEM fields, and engage in the technology field while also create networking opportunities. An intensive 3 week long program for high school age people on the art of programming and computer science.


Youth Talks

The whole series of Youth Talks sessions aims not only to engage and inspire youth, but it is an initiative that makes us talk about topics that matter for our future and that we can act upon. We find it essential nurturing and developing leaders of tomorrow with primary focus on life skills.

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